Upcoming Talks:

International Symposium for Contemplative Studies Friday, November 9 10:45-11:45

Contemplating the Future of “Contemplative Studies”

Amishi Jha, Hal Roth, Ed Sarath, Erin McCarthy

This master lecture roundtable panel brings together eminent scholars in the field to explore the very idea of Contemplative Studies and its future. Panelists will explore critical questions and probe the importance of collaborative research processes that involve first, second and third-person perspectives and span the disciplines. They will explore questions such as:

  • What is Contemplative Studies?

  • What do the humanities, arts and sciences have to learn from each other in the evolution of CS as academic discipline?

  • What circumstances/contexts/conditions are optimal to foster the emergence of new knowledge from these collaborations?

  • Are there particular questions that lend themselves well to such research?

  • What are the boundary conditions for Contemplative Studies research? What role do each of the disciplines have in creating or challenging such conditions?

  • Are there voices — disciplinary and otherwise — that are privileged in contemplative studies discourse? Those that are excluded?

  • What is the role of critical first person contemplative practice in this type of research/scholarship?

  • What are your greatest personal challenges in approaching collaborations with epistemological humility, suspending certainty about the possible outcomes and holding space for the unknown?

  • What skills or perspectives or attitudes support the ability to enter into and work within a system of thought that is outside our own discipline?

  • What is your view of the future of Contemplative Studies/Sciences Scholarship/Research?